Although for cheapness many publishers prefer to have their books printed in China and some in India one has to be sure about quality. The best quality is not always provided by the cheaper printers.
Our preference is Imprint Press which has an office based in England as well as one in Delhi where quality and a very economical price is offered.

When choosing the right printer for you why not ask for a trial run? Could the print company offer to print some basic items free of charge?
It is also a good idea to ask for references from other publishers.
You can also scan social media for further recommendations.

Remain loyal to your printing house, once you have found the right one and you are happy with them. They will do their best to support your needs to keep your custom. Having a good relationship with them will ensure they will look after your needs,and provide you with the advice you might need. They might even offer you discounts, but are sure to give you a first class service and might even provide additional services.